Zipper Pulls: "handmade" in Iridescent Rainbow Finish

These zipper pulls, finished in a shiny iridescent rainbow of colour, are an exclusive Emmaline design. PLEASE NOTE: The colour varies for each pull, and none of them are exactly alike. You may get a pull that is more pink or yellow or blue, etc., because they are all different. They don't change colour, but have the look of iridescence. We cannot select specific colours for you.

Sold in packs of 1 


These pulls each come with a GUNMETAL FINISH lobster hook  and split ring that will not pull apart or break - they are already attached! Why Gunmetal? We found the iridescent hooks far too costly and unfortunately it rendered the pulls unreliable. We went with the more affordable option of gunmetal to still maintain a price point acceptable to our customers. If you want to switch out the hooks to GOLD, Antique Brass or Nickel, GO HERE.

Debossed with "handmade" on both sides, these zipper pulls add an eyecatching statement to your bag openings, exterior pockets, or interior pockets. Pair with a metal bag label for a finished, professional look.



  • 10 mm (3/8") x 37 mm (1-3/8") x 3 mm (1/8") thick


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