WashAway Wonder Tape - 25 Yards

This is the same tape that is sold above, just in a larger quanity for a bit of a deal! I use it for attaching all of my zipper tapes now and now there is no stretching of my zipper when I sew it on. I use it to place my straps if I need to, I use it on vinyl, I use it to place my decorative borders on my wallets. Use it on ANYTHING you don't want to move. It's not overly sticky, so it will not gum up your needle, and that is very important. Sew right through it. And if it is something that goes in the wash, it washes away. This is a handy notion for bags and wallets! It is 1/4" (6 mm) wide and you need some.

25 yard (22.9 m) package

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