Strap Anchor: "Long John" - Choose from 6 Finishes (4 Pack)

Comes with a FREE Sewing Pattern: Miss Maggie's Handbag

Download it Here

These strap anchors are sleek and stylish! Make a trendy new tote in fabric, vinyl, leather, or canvas, and use these lovelies to attach your bag straps. You can have them positioned so that the strap ring is above the edge of the bag opening, or below, you choose! 

PLEASE NOTE: The Iridescent Rainbow colour varies for each piece and none of them are exactly alike. You may get a label that is more pink, purple, yellow or blue, etc., because they are all different. They don't change colour, but have the look of iridescence. We cannot select specific colours for you.

They are so easy to attach. The strap ring is just under 1" (inside) across the top, so these would work well with either 1" or 3/4" straps & bag handles. 

Each anchor comes with 2 screws and a washer. Tip: Make sure you stabilize the insertion area on your fabric so that they are nice and secure. Use the washer as a template to mark screw holes, and an awl or large Leather punch to poke holes in fabric for screws and pins. I like to make 3 holes to go over the pins and screws. The holes can be touching or overlapping, that is fine. Add some glue around the pins for security.  



  • Inside measurement of strap ring: 7/8" (23 mm)
  • Overall Length: 5 1/4" (13 cm)

Sold in a 4 Pack

Would you like to try a fun pattern that
goes perfectly with these strap anchors?
Check out the "Jangles Anchor Bag" by
Sewing Patterns by Mrs H. We've got the printed version in our shop HERE. 

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