#5 YKK Zippers - 24" (35 cm)

These YKK brand closed end, heavy duty zippers are sturdy, reliable zippers for bag openings & backpacks. They are easy to sew over with your sewing machine, and so easy to shorten, by simply cutting them down with scissors.

Size: 24" (61 cm)

  • #5 zippers are 1.25" (32 mm ) wide
  • Overall length: 25 1/2" (65 cm)

Colours Available: Black, White, Medium Grey, Red, Ivory, Beige, & Dark Brown (colours may look different on certain screens)

Choose from 5 different zipper pulls:

3 Standard styles (Each $3.49 CAD):

  • Drop Pull Gold
  • Long Pull Antique Brass
  • Long Pull Nickel

2 Exclusive Emmaline Designs (Each $4.99 CAD):  

Please note that this style with the "handmade" pull is being discontinued. After they are sold out, they will not be restocked!

  • "handmade" in Nickel
  • "handmade" in Antique Brass

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